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  • Our wonderful team
    of gastroenterologists
    breaking ground in 2017 for
    the Scully Endoscopy
    Center, made possible
    with donor support
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  • Donor support built
    a high-tech, top-talent
    cardiac electrophysiology
    program for patients
    with arrhythmia, such
    as A-Fib
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  • “When facing a
    cancer diagnosis,
    nothing is more
    important than
    your support

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  • Join the community's
    campaign to elevate our
    environment of care
    to match our team's
    high standard of care
    delivered to
    mothers and babies
    in Indian River County.
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  • “It was my honor to play
    a leadership role in the
    campaign to build the
    Scully-Welsh Cancer Center.”

                                    Tony Woodruff
                                                    Foundation Board Chair
                                                    and wife Sally

  • Leading-edge minimally
    invasive treatment for
    patients who need new
    aortic valves without
    open-heart surgery—
    only possible through
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  • “We wanted our giving
    to have the most possible
    impact for patients and
    their families. Our hope is...”

                              Jack and Mollie Rogers
                                           in Sally's Garden at
                                           Scully-Welsh Cancer Center

Welcome to Cleveland Clinic Indian River Foundation

Electrophysiology Lab unrivaled statewide

EP Lab FK1B5177 web LGUntil the Cardiac Electrophysiology program (EP) began in September 2016, arrhythmia was our community’s greatest unmet cardiac need. Arrhythmia is a problem with the heart's electrical system, the most common of which is Atrial Fibbrillation. A-Fib grows more likely with age and, over the long-term, increases a patient's risk of stroke.

As an addition to the Welsh Heart Center, IRMC built an electrophysiology lab equipped with a unique combination of leading-edge technology unrivaled in Florida. Dr. Brett Faulknier and the top-notch EP team ablate the electrical disturbances.

While fundraising for EP continues, our patients are fortunate that they do not have to wait or travel for care.  We have the right care right here.

You can help to ensure this program stays at the forefront of care by making a gift today.

We rise by lifting others...
Tile Bauchman LR web IMG p200

Maureen and Bob Bauchman are champions for the Inspiration Wall at the Scully-Welsh Cancer Center.

View Maureen’s story and learn more…

Giving Societies

Nearly 1,800 Foundation benefactors have chosen to become members of one or more of our donor societies, The Malloy Society, The Eagle Society and The Legacy Society. Many also have become members of the Sustaining Eagle Program.


Scully Endoscopy Center

Scully Endo lobby MD

GI cancers range from the most preventable to most difficult to detect. Leading-edge interventional techniques and technology help meet the need for endoscopy care.


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