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Advocate ER-RN Patient DSC 0151 Web fullOn any given day, you have a one-in-three chance of ending up in the Emergency Room. A simple outing turns tragic. A sunny day on the golf course is cut short by chest pains. A home repair results in injury. Like all ERs, Indian River Medical Center’s Emergency Services Department is open 24/7, year-round. Unlike other ERs, IRMC offers a major advantage: the Patient Advocate Program.

At IRMC, nine Patient Advocates provide 24-7 non-clinical support to the 57,000 patients and their families who arrive in our ER each year. Beyond offering blankets and coffee, they comfort the grieving and connect them with counselors. Advocates update family members on a loved one’s condition and make calls to locate friends and family for those who are alone. They arrange transportation and have even been known to walk a dog left in the car when its owner suddenly needed emergency care.

A blend of concierge, comforter and consumer spokesperson, advocates demonstrate the personal touch that makes IRMC special. When you need them most, advocates are there, thanks to philanthropy. That’s right – like many of the features unique for a hospital of our size, the Patient Advocate Program is totally donor supported.

To express your appreciation for a great Patient Advocate experience, please call 772-226-4960 or give online.

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