John Colontrelle

Had John Colontrelle gone to a different hospital, he may not be alive today  - and he has the Indian River community to thank for his survival. As a healthy, active young man, John worked out regularly … but after a particularly vigorous workout left him feeling seriously ill, he soon ended up in Indian River Medical Center's Emergency Department.

John felt a "pop" in his chest during his regular workout one morning. He thought that he had pulled a muscle. He hadn't. What John experienced was an aortic dissection, a very serious and rare condition, especially for a healthy, active 31-year-old. Fortunately, John came to Indian River Medical Center "just to have it checked out—to be safe." That visit saved his life. Dr. Cary Stowe and his team performed successful open-heart surgery as soon as John's vital signs could be stabilized. Now John is back to being a dad again for his three little boys, and thanks to The Heart Center, he can be there with his wife Emily to experience all of life's milestones with them.