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Stowe Endowed Chair - Welsh Heart Center

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On November 6, 2006, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital began a new era of cardiac care, under the exceptional leadership of medical director Cary. L. Stowe, MD. Filling a critical community need for life-saving heart care close to home, Dr. Stowe assembled an experienced, highly-skilled team to provide new standards of cardiac care. Under his direction, the Welsh Heart Center is now a leader in advanced heart care, offering comprehensive cardiovascular diagnostics and procedures, and rivaling the quality and outcomes of major medical centers throughout the United States.

The endowed chair for Welsh Heart Center leadership named in Dr. Stowe's honor, ensures CCIRH is able to maintain the level of leadership exemplified by Dr. Stowe to benefit patients in our community. Funds will be used for recruitment and retention of future medical directors to sustain excellence and ensure advancements in cardiac care at the Welsh Heart Center.

Ensuring a bright future
We know that when you think about defining your philanthropic legacy, you search for a cause that is dear to your heart, where you know that you can truly make a difference, where your ultimate gift will be maintained, nurtured and leveraged through sound fiscal management practices. Endowment — and other forms of donor support — are the means of sustaining clinical leadership and patient care excellence at CCIRH for generations to come.

Great people are the heart of any outstanding healthcare organization so with an ever-increasing shortage of physicians, nurses and other healthcare staff, CCIRH works hard to be a preferred option for high quality professionals by offering leading-edge technology and facilities. Investing in the future of local healthcare through endowment is an act of generosity and vision… for the benefit of our generation and the ones to follow.

Endowment principals are held in perpetuity and earnings are distributed in accordance with the guidelines of each respective endowment and the Foundation Investment Policy.

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