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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response


You Can Help Today


Cleveland Clinic is responding swiftly to care for patients and communities,

while leading in the global effort to end the coronavirus pandemic.

The community's support is critical to our efforts.




High Priority COVID-19 Research Needs Funding

The best and the brightest scientists, researchers and clinicians are together

at Cleveland  Clinic to combat not only the coronavirus, but

formidable infectious threats that the world may face in the future.


Your support is needed RIGHT NOW to keep these initiatives and others moving forward.

Your generosity is more important – and more impactful – than ever.


Support Our Front-line Caregivers 

Your donations will fund such items as:

> Gift cards for meals from local restaurants

> Meals to go for front-line caregivers to take home to their families after their shifts

> Caregiver Comfort stations during work shifts

> Connect caregivers to additional support services and self-care resources


Your support says "thank you" for the tireless efforts by our caregivers

as they care for COVID-19 patients today and

prepare for a potential surge of patients in coming weeks.


The Importance of Front-line Caregivers

We received this touching message from a COVID-19 patient who recently went home from a Cleveland Clinic hospital.

While being treated, our caregivers frequently communicated with him by writing on the glass door in the isolation room.

He returned the favor with his own words on the glass before he left the hospital:

"This window has been the most impactful window in my life. On days when I watched you work hard to keep me and others alive unable to thank you for the time you poured into me – and although I will probably never get the chance to pour that same love and support into you, I want you to know that I think you all are rockstars. I watched some of you have good nights and some bad nights but what was consistent every night was that you care for people. Today I leave this ICU a changed person, hopefully for the better, not only because of your medical healing & God’s direction and guidance, but with the fact of knowing that there are such wonderful people dedicated to the care and concern of others."

Take a moment to send thanks, stories &

encouragement to our caregivers, our heroes.



Questions and other ways to help

> Support front-line caregivers – make a gift

> Contribute supplies – Find the list of items needed

> Speed research on high priority COVID-19 projects – make a gift

> Donate blood – find a local blood drive through OneBlood or your local provider


 Donate today to help us provide the best care for patients,

support our front-line caregivers and continue high-priority COVID-19 research.

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